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    China Evergreen Energy Co.,Ltd. is Specializes in the research and development to the manufacturing of  LED lighting products with over 10years experience in the cutting edge 

LED Industry. 

    China Evergreen Energy co.,Ltd is your committed provider of high-quality LED 

Lighting products. We are able to supply our customers with the most reliable and highest quality  services. We stand behind our lights with an industry best, 5 years full replacement warranty. 

    We are committed to quality and reliability of our products, Using innovative design and Unique Technologies, because we have ability to design and fabricate new product in our manufacturing facility.

    Our goal is to manufacturer and supply the highest quality LED fixtures on 

the market today. We believe LED lighting will give the customer huge savings in

 both energy usage and maintenance costs. 

    Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible and take 100% of 

the risk that our knowledge and expertise with benefit your company.

    Our products are simple to use and our knowledge staff can assist you with any

 project every step of the way. Take a look at our customer projects section for examples 

of our LED light products in use.

    Led us using Lighting technologies to energy savings.

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振动测试仪.png 回焊流设备.png COB光源封袋机.png