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100w LED Linear High Bay Light
100w LED Linear High Bay Light 100w LED Linear High Bay Light 100w LED Linear High Bay Light 100w LED Linear High Bay Light 100w LED Linear High Bay Light

100w LED Linear High Bay Light

Product ID : EG-LI100W-01
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100w LED Linear High Bay Light--2 modulars design

dimmable.png daylight.pngdali.pngzigbee.png

Raw Materials: 6060 Aviation aluminum housing with anodizing treatment

IP66 Waterproof Rubber ring : US Dow Corning rubber ring

LENS: PC acrylic

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Power: 100w

Raw material: 6060 Aviation aluminum

Size: 600*141*134mm

Input Voltage: 100-305v AC50/60Hz

Input Current: 0.45A
Output Voltage:

Output Current: 1.89A

Light Efficiency: >130Lm/w  @ CRI 80

Luminous Flux: 12500Lm

Color Temperature: 2700-6500k

Power Supply: MEANWELL / MOSO high quality optional

Light Source: Lumileds, Nichia with LM-80 Test Report

Beam Angle: 25°,40°, 80°, 120°, 30*70°, 70*140°, Asymmetric 40°

40.jpg  80.jpg  120.jpg  lens-30x70.png  70x140 (2).png  QQ图片20161123223017.png

PF: >0.95

IP Rating: IP66

Work Temperature: -35° ~ +55°

Storage Temperature: -40° ~ +85°

Installation: Suspended / Surface / Adjustable Bracket Mounting

Warranty: 5years

Certification: TUV CE ROHS FCC IK08 IP66

Advantage: 41033.gif

IP Rated IP66 :                                               Gear Slotting Fins

IMG_5683 - 副本.jpg                                           0.3M 60W线性工矿灯-04 - 副本.JPG      0.3M 60W线性工矿灯-04 - 副本.JPG       

By using water proof connector and              The Fins couple into the base of the 

silicon rubber sealing,the protection                heatsink tightly,minimum the heat

rate can achieve IP66, meeting the                 transfer resistance.

requirement for harsh, tough 


Electrophoretic                                               Wide angle for adjustment

0.3M 60W线性工矿灯-03 - 副本.JPG                                                               QQ图片20161123215703 - 副本.jpg

The entire housing coated by                            With multiple adjustment points,

electrophoretic treatment,                                  the adjustment angle can be up

measured by 200 hours salt                               to 180°.

spray test,having excellent

corrosion resistance.

Optical perfomance:

QQ图片20161023115217.png  Warehouse Lighting: 40°, 80°, 120°, 70*140°

  小图.jpg  Aisle Lighting: 30*70°, 70*140°

  QQ图片20161023114554.png   Billboard Lighting:  30*70° , Asymmetrice 40°

  QQ图片20161023114542.png   Tunnel Lighting: 40°, 80°, 120°, 70*140°, Asymmetrice 40°

  QQ图片20161123222907.png    Wall Lighting: Asymmetrice 40 °, 30*70°

  warehouse-led-lighting_副本.jpg    Awaken+LED+Lighting+-+Hxi+LED+Tunnel+Light_副本.jpg

  Solar-Wall-Washer-Commercial -Advertising-Light_副本.jpg    HiBoard-billboard-light-for-tall-type-and-wide-type-billboard_副本.jpg


  storax_sp115_6__large_副本.jpg      warehouse-led-lighting_副本.jpg

Installation Method:

A. Suspended Mounting

Suspended Mounting(3).png

B. Z-shape bracket Mounting

Z Surfaced Mounting.png

C. U-shape bracket Mounting

U Surfaced Mounting - 副本.png

D. Adjustable bracket Mounting 

Adjusted Bracket Mounting - 副本.png

                  With multiple adjustment points,the adjustment angel from 0° to 180°

                                   QQ图片20161123215703 - 副本.jpg









IES Download:

IES-100w-25°-0.6m-LED Linear HB_IESNA2002.rar

IES-100w-0.6m-30x70°-LED Linear High bay.rar

IES-100w-40°-0.6m-129Lm-LED Linear HB.rar

IES-100w-70x140°-0.6m-LED Linear HB.rar

IES-100w-80°-0.6m-LED Linear HB_IESNA2002.rar

IES-100w-Asy40°-0.6m-LED Linear HB_IESNA2002.rar

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